Boardly run board game events in Birmingham, UK. Bring along your favourite games and meet new people, or bring along your favourite people and discover new games!

Our events are open to everyone and we play all kinds of games. We’re also happy to teach games or help you find your way through a rulebook.

Through our events, we want to build a gaming community that is:

  • Welcoming to new gamers, or those that haven’t played modern board games before
  • Open, inclusive and friendly to people regardless of their background
  • Diverse in terms of the games that are played, from complex strategy to light card games, RPGs to traditional games
  • Responds to the feedback of the people who attend our events

Our events are currently free, but we take donations for St Basil’s, a Birmingham-based charity that prevents youth homelessness by providing support and accommodation. You can find out more about their work here.